A Royalty-Free Subscription-Based Record Label

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ProMusicLeague Records is a Royalty-Free Record Label where artists who sign are able to retain their rights, royalties, equity, and creative freedom, in exchange for a monthly or yearly subscription fee.  With the membership, the artist gets everything a normal label would give them, and more!  We have several guarantees that create a foundation for the artist, and then we go above and beyond those guarantees since we treat that artist just like if we have equity stake in them.  We are able to do everything for an artist that normally costs them five to six figures in money and time, by buying everything the artists need in bulk, including, but not limited to, studio time, websites, logos, art, managers, celebrity features, celebrity shoutouts, music videos, advertising, social media boosters, and so on, as the list is endless.  We also have proprietary operational systems in place to make our overhead 70% less than what it should be.  We also have our own festivals, tours, and events for our artists to play on.  Once an artist signs, we get started immediately, by evaluating their branding, music, and personality, and setting an aggressive 1 to 2 year-plan that builds the artists project as if it is an actual company, not just music.  We have a plethora of celebrity support, from big names including Snoop Dogg!  Make sure to check out our website for more information via video, art, and music!

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