Coutois Blending Corporation - Papa C's Rum Punch

Liquor company raising $300K for marketing and working capital for Papa C's Rum Punch.

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Coutois Blending Corporation located in Florida, is the maker of Papa C's Rum Punch.  RTD cocktail, made with Premium Caribbean Rum, natural flavors, herbs, spices, natural extracts, cane sugar and natural bitters. 750ml, 40 proof derived from our family unique recipe of 1939.  A black family, minority owned company. We manufacture in New Port Richey, Florida at a distillery which has the capability of producing 27778 cases per month. 692 cases of finished products ready for purchase. Coutois Blending Corporation is NMSDC certified.
Flavors, Original & Coconut with other flavors in the pipeline.
Fully operational and currently in two states. Florida and New York. Also registered in  California.

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