Expanding business to a new city

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We are a CPA firm that mainly does business advising and taxes as well as retirement age estate and tax planning.  We start businesses, advise them, prepare financial statements, file state and federal tax returns, run payroll and do special projects.  I am also an investment advisor under another firm that I own to keep them separate for regulation purposes so I can offer that integrated service as well.  I currently am operating mainly from Olympia Washington but have expanded to St George Utah as a second office.  Las Vegas is nearby which provides cheap travel between the two and also with zoom and telephone visits being more accepted due to covid the distance has not been too difficult to manage.   I hold CPA licenses in both Washington and Utah.

I'm looking at hiring an admin assistant to help with the day to day items so I can focus more on growing the business through online marketing with articles and blog posts as well as presentations to businesses and perhaps some dinner presentations.  The funds would be used for the marketing and admin staff salaries for the first year.

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