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Huge VMS with assay, need equipment to properly mine.

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I found a VMS deposit and need funding for the equipment to mine it. There are rare earth minerals, I have an assay and more.  
Currently working with Mount Baker Mining and Minerals to get a machine that separates each mineral by specific gravity. I can work with lower costing machines but this is the most environmentally sound option.  Cost of the Machine is $500,000 and I would need a building to house it and money to employ workers. I have a group of people in mind already. If your interested I can provide business plan, proposal, valuation report, and more. 

The rock specimens from this find are going to be on display at the Bruce Dice Mineralogical Museum. Summer 2023 planning to have our geologist come out.
We are located in Hastings MI, and there is a Paleo-Native site situated on the property. Currently working with the tribe to ensure their satisfied with our efforts. This is a complex of different mineralogical areas and a kimberlite pipe. Mostly Ferrous minerals, ilmenite, magnetite, hematite, pegmatites, garnets, Kimberlites, and so much more. 

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