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Proprietary AI Platform Developed for Online Sports Leagues. Endorsed by Professional Sports Leagues and Associations.

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OwnThe.Team developed a proprietary AI platform transforming online sports simulations. Using the AI platform, OwnThe.Team is launching the ultimate fantasy sports experience allowing customers to experience being a team owner and a player within a simulation.  The sports experience has been endorsed by professional sport associations and OwnThe.Team has letters of intent contingent on meeting certain financial goals. 

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"Be a Owner" and "Be a Player" are the top two most-played game features in sports games.  Consequently, the two features are frequently requested to be improved or expanded upon year after year by sports fans.  Sports fans want the ability to make decisions as a team owner.  Sports fans want the ability to see themselves on a professional team. 

OwnThe.Team fulfills that need by hosting professional sports leagues which are streamed online where fans can see their progress and owners can make team decisions to help them win league championships.  OwnThe.Team took over two years to develop an AI which uses previous scenarios to assess the current situation and make the best move.  Players move more realistically and are no longer bound to "if-then" programming.   Fans can now enjoy watching themselves perform in a "life-like" manner, reacting as a professional basketball player would in specific scenarios.  Team Owners have the duty of creating a championship-caliber team through drafting, salary management, and other team owner duties.

Why Now?
OwnThe.Team is seeking funding to complete the development of our initial product, "The Basketball League - Season One".  Currently, our simulation engine is 85% complete and our web development is 80% complete.  Our goal is to be 100% developed prior to November 2021 to begin UAT testing.  At the minimum, OwnThe.Team is seeking $500k, however, $750k would be a more comfortable figure.

OwnThe.Team has three sports other than basketball queued for development after the success of "Basketball - Season One".  These sports have the endorsement of professional sports associations for the use of their assets, media, and other privileged material.  This partnership will add further reach to our customer reach without additional marketing spend.  Currently, negotiations are ongoing for two additional professional sports associations.

The Letters of Intent have an expiration of August 31, 2022, to obtain funding or they expire due to no action.  If OwnThe.Team does not receive funding prior August 31st, 2022, the Letters of Intent expire.

In June 2022, OwnThe.Team had our business plan and financial projections valuated by two independent financial firms to ensure accuracy.  Our numbers received high praise for our research on current market trends and customer spending habits.  For basketball only, our three year projected sales exceed $250M, of that 35% is operating income.  Including the other sports will only add to revenue and income projections.

OwnThe.Team has received the endorsement of the Retired Professional Basketball Players Association, contingent of the success of "Basketball - Season One," to approach retired basketball professionals as spokespeople for OwnThe.Team.  A number of retired basketball players have already expressed interest as being a spokesperson for OwnThe.Team.  Other retired professional players associations have contacted OwnThe.Team for our upcoming sports leagues. 

Why Choose Us?
  • Advanced Player AI developed in a proprietary simulation engine (View Demo Here)
  • First to market "Own a Team", "Be a Player" Professional Sports League
  • $250 Million Projected 3 Year Sales (35% Income)
  • Letters of Intent and endorsed by three professional sports associations (with two in negotiations)
  • Simulation Engine is 85% complete, Web Development is 80% complete
  • "Basketball - Season 1" is set to go live in January-February 2023 (based on funding completion)
  • "Basketball - Season 1" UAT Testing to begin in November 2021 (based on funding completion)
Investment Options
  • Angel Investment Opportunities
  • Silent Partner Equity Agreement
  • Active Partner Equity Agreement
  • SAFE Notes
  • Business Loan
Thank you for your time.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Chris Barkhurst
CEO/Founder, OwnThe.Team
[email protected]

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