Raising $300k to continue building and then launch a time management application that targets beauty professionals, barbers and salons.

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What is OnDaQ? View OnDaQ's Deck
  • A cloud-based scheduling and queueing platform that provides time management tools and marketing strategies for beauty professionals, barbers, and salon owners. 
  • Clients and potential clients can research professionals by location, access service menus, check reviews and photos, queue virtually and book services using our web and mobile applications as well as make online payments. 
What problem will OnDaQ fix?
  • Time wasting at locations prior to services being rendered.
  • Lack of transparency about options for beauty professionals, services, and related pricing/cancellation policies. 
What is OnDaQ's competitive advantage?
  • OnDaQ will be the only web and mobile application that offers queuing services that are specifically targeted to beauty professionals, barbers and salons. 
How will OnDaQ make money?
  • All professionals and businesses that are listed on OnDaQ can opt-in for either the monthly subscription model (individual or team) or the "Pay-as-you-earn" model. 
  • Paid advertisement slots

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