This new product will change the way women and men - young and old - care for dry hands, feet, and dry skin. Raising capital to fund purchase orders.

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This new product will change the way women, men - young and old - care for dry hands, feet, and dry skin. I created it out of necessity after not finding anything like it on the market today - and it works! 

Problem: Has this happened to you? You have dry, cracked hands and feet, put lotion on them, and then put cotton gloves or socks on to help keep the cream in its place? It happened to me, and frankly, it doesn't work - at all! Cotton absorbs most lotions and creams, leaving little on your skin with no desired results. Cotton can also be hot, and you can't do anything productive with your fingers now in a glove. The other option is plastic or foil gloves already infused with lotions. But, they're disposable, so that's money down the drain. 

Solution: That's why I created NUVS Gloves (and socks). NUVS uses a unique combination of patent-pending material that is light and breathable. LOTION WILL NOT SOAK THROUGH THE GLOVE, and therefore, the lotion stays where it belongs, on your skin. Use with your favorite lotion/cream/ointment, etc.  One of the unique features that make this glove unlike any other is that they have a flip finger option that allows fingers to pop out so you can keep on living while moisturizing. You can text, type, drive, and perform most any task with your moisturizing gloves on. Hands won't sweat or get hot. People also sleep in them, and you can wear them as long as you wish. They are also machine washable and dryer safe. They will not shrink, and any residual lotion washes out beautifully.  They are pretty and of high quality. 

Result: The result is hands and feet (socks) that are soft, well hydrated, and look beautiful. This is the best solution today because it keeps lotion where it belongs - on your skin - so it can soothe dry, cracked skin. 

Business Plan Highlights:
  • Website launching by October 1, 2022
  • Currently trying to get on QVC
  • Will market organically through social media, word of mouth
  • Can be sold in nail salons, gloves are 99.9 percent effective at blocking UVA/UVB gel nail lamp light
  • Sock prototype approved, ready to order
  • Over 100 women have used the gloves and love them!
I'll use the investment to help fund purchase orders. I am a former marketing executive with more than 32 years of marketing, communications, and business development experience in the healthcare industry and professional services firms.

Thank you for your consideration. 

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