Nine Figures Music and Film Entertainment Group LLC

Entertainment start up music and film (ROI)when projects concerts and tours completed

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Raising 10 million +for new construction on Beautiful  building for concert’s,play’ and film festival’s,. Meanwhile, we produce HD Music and Film and we give clients opportunity to purchase ad space in any projects we are working on .Currently we have new  R&B artists who is taking world buy storm.On Spotify she is Green Eyez at 1#popular song Black Butterfly.Off her EP Her Deepest Inclination album.We plan and hope we can get funding to purchase our building where we can conduct business, concerts and Music festivals.Theater plays and Award ceremonies.We believe having our own building makes profits and revenue come easy and (ROI) beneficial to investors.In addition,  we want  to build our brand and products globally as we have a great management team and  industry connections visit our Also, we are already in  the process for Trademark  of our company name — which makes ownership attractive moving forward for IPO NYSE

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