Night Parrot Entertainment

Raising $25k to prepare a marketing campaign for the first and only entertainment company founded and operated by persons with disabilities.

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I am forming an entertainment company that will be the first of its kind: a company founded and operated by people living with disabilities. Upon heavily researching to find wether or not we needed another company like this,  I discovered that there are no companies like this at all! Shocking though this may be, Night Parrot Entertainment is at the forefront of this concept,  a truly new idea which we believe is arriving long overdue. An entertainment company wherein the person getting picked last isn't the person with a disability,  it's the person without one. The first step I need funded is a pitch deck, to showcase the types of live performances and films this company will be releasing and the stunning work that we produce on even the humblest of budgets. The intention is to capture in a 5-minute short film the talent, heart and relentless determination that drives anyone living with a disability who wants to work in the Entertainment industry. As badly as all the people who move to Hollywood with their hearts full of hope want this? We have to want it ten times as badly. This budget will be the stepping stone that we need to move on to the next phase of fundraising, where we can then go after the bigger budgets, the bigger venues, the bigger screens, the bigger stars, and show everyone what they've been missing by type-casting, marginalizing, or out right excluding people who are considered to be disabled. 

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