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Facebook Twitter LinkedIn   is currently developing a Decentralized Cross-Chain NFT Marketplace!  We are currently getting around 80,000 views per month on Google. We are  disrupting the Art and Entertainment Industry by providing a direct bridge that allow consumers to purchase  digital goods directly from Entertainer and Digital Artists  allowing the artists to receive royalties any time there music/art is bought or sold on the blockchain.  . OpenSea's Marketplace is doing Billions of dollars a month in sales.   We  believe we can get at least 10 percent of their Market-share.  We are looking for investors so we can hire more developers and promote our project effectively.   We currently hold over 200k in Top level crypto domains that we will be using to dominate the space. We will be releasing our Ecosystem Token Minty as well that can be used for in economy purchases and be given as a loyalty reward token as well.    We are looking to raise $3 million to provide liquidity for our token as well as higher the best developers, marketers while creating the most secure marketplace. To learn more or to speak Investor relations Contact [email protected] or call 203-818-0187

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