NFB Publishing

Moving the publishing industry forward, branching into new media.

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Redefining publishing for the modern age. Expanding into new media, film and television production, web content and app design.  NFB is a creator based publishing business utilizing modern technology to help writers create, publish and market their products.  Since its inception, NFB has become the largest book publisher between Chicago and New York, representing authors worldwide from Australia to Los Angeles and London to Buffalo.  Originally a regional publisher NFB has grown quickly by adhering to the basic principle of creative commitment. Now NFB is ready to make the jump to new media, television and film production, web content and app design.  Currently we use independent contractors; editors, graphic designers, proof readers.  With the influx of capital NFB can expand and partner with agents, lawyers and cross over representation.  NFB sells hundreds on books monthly through Amazon and Ingram.  The influx of capital would also allow for the increase in marketing, allowing NFB to compete with other multi-media companies. 

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