Raising 2 million to build 2, 18 holes very cool mini golf course

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Good Afternoon
I am writing to you for help.  I am to the point in my life where I would like to own my own business. My kids are getting older and I am tired of working for other people.  I want to build a very cool outdoor mini gulf course here in Las Vegas.  Currently there is not one and more and more families are moving here.  I would build the course with solar power for energy efficiency and saving. . The course would have fans and misters everything needed to be comfortable in Las Vegas.  There would be two 18 hole courses. I would set up contracts with daycare centers for visits as well. This would be a ground breaking venture for Las Vegas area. So many different potential money making options I can do with the land when purchased.
I am looking for sponsors\ Grants. I don't have the money to build it. I need help.
Please contact me if you are interested in helping out an idealist. I have a lot of paper work I can present.
Thank you
Brian Kaseff
I am slowly learning how to write a business plan. But here are the numbers I will have to work with.
Cost to build     500000  X 2 =                     $1,000,000
Parking Lot       106 Spaces required            $106,000
Marketing           Before opening                      $50,000
Misc                City taxes ext.                           $200000
                                                                   TOTAL $1,356,000
                Back up Money                                    $144,000  
Grand Total         $1,500,000
Return on invest per month
                     Income                                          $62000
                     Taxes                                             $13,000
                     Land rental                                  $13,000 (For 2 Ackers)
                   Left over for bills and salary        $36,000
The competition
                There are 5 indoor courses that are very small and flat. So mini golf wise there really isn’t. There are not a lot of things to do around here for family and kids. All the Casinos have arcades and bowling alleys but no Mini golf. Top Golf is 57 per hour for locals.
I called a bunch on mini golf places on the East Coast to find out how many courses they have. There was a mixture of 1 to 2. Up north they even closed for the winter. Florida, Congo river has one course and open all year long.
Main Issue
                Arizona and California have outdoor mini golf but anchored by a Water Park, with bumper boats etc.  I can’t do that. So I have to be more extreme with the golf. Water Holes, location and Misters, fans, lights sound system. I will need a 13 X 20 room for parties and outdoor picnic seating.
Other information
                I also called and asked about food. Most just sold snacks and Ice cream. They do not have grills or microwaves.
Revenue Building
                Student ID night during the week.
                Work with local daycares to bring the kids
                Mothers are free on Mothers Day
                Fathers are Free on Fathers Day
                Senior Citizen afternoon.
                Rent Advertising space around the outside for banners.
If the course is built to the Professional Mini Golf Associates requirements we can have a tournament at the site.
The values you used:
Price per round daytime: 8.00
Price per round night time: 10.00
Max rounds per hour: 80
% capacity daytime: 25
% capacity night time: 50
Open time: 11:00AM
Close time: 11:00PM
Night pricing start time: 6:00PM
Number of Days Open: 150

A Closer Look At the Numbers:
 | Daytime Revenue: | $1,120.00
 | Night time Revenue: | $2,000.00
 | Total Annual Revenue: | $468,000.00
Second round income $5,00 1/3 of gross.                             $156,000
Student night, seniors and daycares $5,00 x500 per week.  $130,000
                                                Total $754,000 or 62,834 per Month. 

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