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Seed Funding Request for Innovative Phone Application Software for Disability Service Locator & Guide

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                                                                                                                                                          About Neural Divergence, LLC
We need your seed investment help to get our work off the ground!  Our work is important and we believe it will be a value add in securing the future of children with disabilities, their families, and ensuring employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities. Neural Divergence, LLC, exists to provide comprehensive program planning, consultation, and educational support training. Our services focus on bridging the gap in communication and knowledge with an equity lens between parents and educators or professionals that serve children with disabilities, emphasizing children on the autism spectrum.   
                                                                                                                                                                            Our Mission
It is the mission of Neural Divergence, LLC to bridge the gap between resources and knowledge, Neural Divergence, LLC, provides programming and/or educational assistance for parents, educators, and professionals who serve school aged children with disabilities, focusing on autism spectrum disorder (ASD).   
                                                                                                                                                                          Identified Problem

Currently there are no phone application software available for use by the public to assist in locating disability service resources, presenting families and individuals with disabilities with a unique set of challenges in trying to locate services within their local is almost like hunting for lost treasure!   As a result, studies have shown that many families are not connected to needed resources; many families are inclined to believe the resources do not exist.  In addition, professionals within the medical field are not familiar with disability resources and can only identify one or two resources for families.  When families contact these resources, there is usually a waitlist; there are other organizations that exist within the same space who would be able to offer their services if families knew about it.
                                                                                                                Innovative Phone Application Software:  Disability Services Guide & Resource Locator

Neural Divergence, LLC has created a solution to this issue by actively working with a phone application software (phone app) developer to create a disability service resource guide for families and professionals to utilize across the United States.

Based on specific programming and algorithms, individuals will be directed to disability resources and services within their local area. This is to enhance families and professionals being able to locate and access resources to assist them. In addition, services will be rated by parents; end users will be able to read reviews of services completed by other parents and professionals, with 5 stars being the highest rating of services and 1 being the lowest rating.

This app will be free to the end user and we will charge organizations to have their organization listed in the app: $5 for small businesses, $15 for midsize businesses, and $25 for large organizations the initial year of launch. After the initial year, the price will be increased for businesses: $20 for small businesses, $30 for midsize organizations, and $50 for large organizations. The phone app not only provides benefits for families, but also offers organizational brand visibility to disability communities; this app will be available nationwide with the idea of growing it to be an international phone app.

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