Natural Cannabuzz Shop LLC

Loan for start up Cannabis Recreational Shop

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My business is a Cannabis recreational retail sales shop. I just received my NJ state license as a woman-owned business and I am very motivated to make a difference in helping people with medical disabilities that are in need of leading a more comfortable lifestyle in a healthy and safe way. I have many years of experience in several areas of my career. I have worked in the health field, retail sales, property management and worked for the state of NJ for the Health Department for alcohol narcotics and drug abuse division, AIDS division and also for a non-profit organization as a director of a facility where we provided housing and jobs for people with developmental disabilities. I am driven to help people. My business will be able to provide support to the community and our town as well as provide jobs for people with disabilities. As the CEO of Natural Cannabuzz Shop, I am excited to make a difference in people's lives. I have a professional Business Plan to submit and prove my years of experience and success in several beneficial areas. My future goal and mission will be to open several store locations to help people and make a bright and comfortable life for everyone as well as provide jobs to people with disabilities. Iam seeking $300-$500 thousand to start up my business.  

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