Naturafaba Inc.

Raising $700k to start commercial operation of Revolutionizing Better-for-You & Guilt-free Noodles beyond Gluten-free and Ramen

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Naturafaba Inc. supplies Gluten-free, Better-for-You and Guilt-free artisan fresh ramen noodles to the US market from Chicagoland, IL.

We are raising $700k via Convertible Note.
The key milestones following the fund is;
  • Current:   Prototypes of fresh noodles are ready for tasting.
  • Q4 2023:   Start commercial operations (The leading ramen shop chain committed to use our noodles for the sales promotion campaign.)  Prototypes of CPG/Instant noodles will be ready for tasting.
  • Q1 2024:   Series A with projected revenue of $16M in 2025
  • Q1 2025:   Series B with projected revenue of $35M in 2027
  • 2026~:   Further expansions with high-end CPG instant noodles and other food items beyond gluten-free will continue. 

Fresh Ramen is booming. However, not all Americans can enjoy ordinary ramen noodles including gluten.
Today, non-celiac gluten sensitivity affects up to 13% of Americans and a growing number of consumers are trying to limit consumption of refined grains.
The target market space is growing much faster and more significant than prospected.
Our products made of pulses (beans, lentils, peas, etc.) are very tasty revolutionizing noodles beyond gluten-free as well as ramen.  Naturafaba will become a well-known success story in the broader food industry, set to expand into the rest of the pulse-based food world.  The gluten-free solution business with pulses shall be worth billion!! 

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