Nassios Masonry Inc.

Raising $500K to scale a rapidly growing commercial construction company!

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Nassios Masonry is a union masonry contractor specializing in commercial, industrial and restoration projects with extensive expertise in concrete masonry units, brick, stone, veneers, precast products, tile and more. With a growing number of awarded contracts, I am raising $500,000 to expand and continue to grow the commercial division of our business. Nassios Masonry has been featured in magazines and newspaper articles for their outstanding performance, and designs.

James Nassios, Founder/CEO, has been an entrepreneur for over 20 years. He is also the inventor of proprietary technologies (patents pending), and business owner in the construction industry. The company is self-funded to date and has filed for several patents. Dunamis Tools focuses on power tools, light industrial equipment and specialty hand tools. All three product sectors make up $100 billion dollars in the US market. Over 200 different products have been carefully identified and designed by Dunamis Tools. We have what we call disruptive engineering. Dunamis Tools is expected to launch in the first or second quarter of 2022! We are also seeking funding for Dunamis as well. We can provide additional documentation if needed.

James Nassios is also the owner and founder of J. Nass Real Estate Development LLC focusing on land development of multi-family, fix and flips and  will soon be developing Health and Wellness Retreats.  J. Nass has been recently featured in a high end magazine for their outstanding modern and smart home designs.  We are also seeking funding for J. Nass  as well. We can provide additional documentation if needed. 

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