My Personal Makeup Artist


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My Personal Makeup Artist is a unique and comprehensive makeup mirror equipped with multiple technological features to help users apply makeup. 
The mirror includes several touchscreen displays which can play makeup tutorial videos, offering instruction to users on how to professionally apply makeup for a desired look. Provides users with a foldable, smart mirror system designed to display tutorials on how to apply makeup. Includes three electronic touchscreen displays equipped with facial recognition cameras designed to capture the user’s image and display the likeness on the mirror. Interacts with the user’s movements and shows he or she in real time how and where to apply makeup with outlines that move corresponding to the user’s movements. Allows users to customize the display with different colors, makeup, clothing options, and other visual features to create a desired look. Offers a way to obtain suggestions for styles, customized makeup tutorials, and more, allowing the user to customize their style with help from others.  

The Mirror's App Features
The main feature of your app will allow users to select up to 10 styles of top-eyelid designs, 10 styles of eye-brow designs  up to 10 styles for applying lipstick.
There are a number of features that will need to be developed to make the app functional and provide a solid user experience:

  • Click on app
  • Start Makeup Process
  • Lips and top-eyelids are identified
  • App presents different template outline options 
    • Lips     -         10 template outline options
    • Top-eyelids - 10 template outline options
    •  Eye-brows   - 10 template outline options
  •  App presents options to save template and photo of face on local device.
  • User has option to  view the list of saved makeups combinations from the past sessions
 Imagine the possibilities........

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