Music Network Station Keyboard/Controller

Raising $300k to build, promote and market a production/network musical keyboard for live and studio applications!

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I have conceptualized an all-in-one Music Network Station Keyboard.. This Music Network Station is a Musical Keyboard and Controller for Live and Studio applications.  It brings together complete  sound manipulation and automation right at your fingertips for a very robust and musical experience.  It harnesses a built in full drum machine with drum pads, piano keys, full recallable hybrid mixer automation, effects processing and much much more.   It’s  control center is built around a multi-core cpu and dedicated operating system, that’s  firmware and hardware upgradable for future functions and expandability. More so, for better words, it is a computer with innovative musical features surrounding it.  This is truly a winning combination of components.  This invention is great for all music performers, producers, song writers, students, teachers, sound engineers and churches.

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