Evolucio - Disruptive Music Battles Gaming App, Social Network and Television show

Seeking to raise $3M to grow our Disruptive Music Battles Gaming App, Social Network and Television show

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Evolucio has created a one of a kind Disruptive Music Battles Gaming App (Music Battles), Social Network and TV show, with a unique model that is disrupting music consumption and distribution in favor of Label Artists by “Gamifying” Music. More than just free music - we are a Social Gaming App that helps Major Label Artists get paid more than any other platform, while allowing fans to challenge their friends in “song vs song battles” within our social environment. Our users benefit by defending their favorite artists, challenging friends and voting on viral battles to receiving free music. This process includes completing artist challenges in order to win direct interactions with their favorite Artists in live video sessions. 
We have also created our own patent-pending programmatic exchange incorporating the latest technology to streamline music sponsorship in a way never done before (Song Sponsors), while providing geo and demographically targeted KPI’s to Brands within the “content safe” world of labeled music. We have also wrapped our two disruptive products around a global Television Format ¨Music Battles,¨ (a TV show & concert series) in conjunction with our format partner, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios (MGM). 
Our Staff of 55+ full time engineers, creatives, music executives and sales staff in Mexico, have completed our MVP and Proof of Concept in the Territory of Mexico, with our application available on both Android and iOS - and with the agreement of our Label Partner, Universal Music Group (UMG) - we are poised to expand into Latin America, Europe and North America by the end of 2021. 
We seek equity partners in these territories to join the evolution of free music consumption, and the first label approved business model to end the digital piracy of music. If unique and distributive business models are of interest to you, please contact me for further information.

Thank you,
Kelley Murphy 
Executive Vice President 
Evolucio, Inc. 
[email protected]

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