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Raising capital to further develop a shopping cart cell phone holder and enhanced shopping app

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Grocery cart cell phone holder and shopping cell phone application. 

Target customers: Any retail venue that utilizes shopping carts (i.e grocery stores, Home Depot,  Walmart, Kmart etc.)

Imagine i walk into a grocery store. I put my cell phone into the holder on the cart and it begins charging. I had previously put my list in the store app and as I walk up aisle one, the app says “Greg, the bananas you wanted are to your right”. Aisle two “Greg, the brown sugar on your list  is on your left”. As I continue it tells me that based upon my shopping history, I like Bush’s baked beans and they are sale  to my to my right. In aisle 7 it suggests Pepsi is on sale based upon my shopping history. 

 Advertisers would pay for advertising at actual point of sale, and get solid data if the ad generated a purchase of an item was not already on your list. 
Project can be done in phases starting with the shopping cart phone holder.  Cell phone charging is not a revenue  portion, but a convenience enhancement.  Advertising revenue on top of sale of the holder/charger appliance is the profit generating goal. 

Goal of the invention is to make  the shopping experience easier for the customer eliminating the need to go backwards in the store to select items that were missed.  Revenue opportunities are enhanced sales due to convenience, and advertising revenue from product producers. 

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