To build and develop a company that will change the landscape of Polk County TN.

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Seeking:  $250,000,000 million
Requesting:  $50,000,000 to acquire ALL of the Property for projects below. 

We are seeking over 250,000,000 to build a retirement community, hospital, assisted living, bed and breakfast, rental cabins, apartments, restaurant, bar, live event venue, a water distribution manufacturing plant, a hospitality bed and breakfast, and a home health company.   Our funding request is huge, however, the projects within our business plan and company does not have to be built ALL at one time.  This is approximately the total we are requesting to have set aside for our company. 

We are a new start up real estate Development Corporation that specialize in solving housing crisis, health care, food venues with a fine dining restaurant, fix and Flip homes, and buildings that need tender loving care, a new up and coming bar with live performances, a live event venue for the locals, visitors, guest and people from around will buy tickets, and there is an artesian water on the grounds of Turtletown School. We want to either open a water manufacturing plant or sell the water rights to Coca Cola company in Chattanooga, TN. In the past they have shown interest in the water because of its' purity and clean qualities. 

  We are a C Corp. We are registered with the state of Tennessee.  We have no complaints.   We have been in business since August of 2014.    We opened our first senior care home in 2014.  We maintained a successful business till it was sold in October 2020.  We sold because the opportunity presented itself and we felt it was time to make a business decision on how to expand the business further.  The customers we market to are those that are vacationing, visitors, tourist, first time home buyers, retirees, second home buyers and guest.  And those downsizing. The products and services we provide, and offer are 2- and 3-bedroom 2 bath homes with 4 and 5 acres, 2-bedroom 2 bath cabins with laundry mat.  Plus, we will have available double wide manufactured homes on permanent foundation setting 3-bedroom two bath homes with 1/2 acre lots.  The services and activities we will offer and provide are laundry, housekeeping, meal preparation, medication monitoring, sitting service, pet walking, transportation and planned activities for those that want to lead an active lifestyle.  We will also have a badminton, volleyball. Crockett court.  An archery range, an outside theatre, ping pong table in our stylish country club house. Walking trails, fire pits, water features, beauty / barber shop, a small restaurant, gated entrance.  All the services will be offered in our package we offer for those that want extra care.  Our Home Package fees will cover all the products and services we offer.  Fully explained in detail and one can choose if and what they want in their pkg.  The hospital assisted living and home health agency will offer much needed services and care to the community.  The residents and visitors have to travel for miles to get the care they need in an emergency.  So, we will be providing healthcare services.  The bed and breakfast, rental cabins, will offer hospitality services for the many guests, visitors to the area.  There is Not enough rental available for the frequent visitors and guest.  What will bring more guest, visitors, and for the residents to enjoy will be our live events venue.  The wine cellar and restaurant with canteen will offer the guest, tourist, and visitors' activities and events to enjoy.

Our company will establish many projects for low-income communities and provide growth, stability, jobs, and resources for everyone to enjoy

We are seeking 250,000,000 million lines of credit to purchase, build, establish, organize, and develop our projects within. Each project will be developed, purchased, established, organized with contractors that specialize in designing, establishing, and developing the projects we want to create for Polk County and its many visitors and residents.  

We would like to add more homes, medical services, activities, outside theatre, and a live event stadium.  In addition to all the services and activities we will offer we would like to add a hospital with an assisted living.  This added feature will be a bonus because no one has to leave to go to an extended stay when the time comes for additional help while aging in place.  

We will offer 25% Equity in the project, with 10 to 15% interest, 10-to-20-year term.  I own 15 acres on McFarland Road in Turtletown, TN and also property in Walhalla, SC that is Free and clear.  Nothing owing.  This property will be used as equity to secure financing.   I would like to build the rental cabins on my property with fire pits, walking trails, wine tasting cellar, and a restaurant in the garage with a restaurant in the barn with vacationing living.  Such as putting bunk beds up in the loft, a minimal kitchenette, outside shower, with amenities.  This will serve as a place for the rafters going down the Ocoee River have a place to enjoy while in the area.  

The Return of Investment will be seen in a 3-year time frame.  It is a buyers' market, and we would like to capitalize on this opportunity as soon as possible.  In order to develop the projects to help with housing crisis for the many individuals moving to the area.  The homes and cabins will be bought within 3 months of being rented and or built.   People are buying as fast as a property goes on market so the Return of Investment will be almost immediate.  We are estimating within 3 months of the homes being built.   

We are seeking an equity partner, down payment assistance, bridge, short term financing of 3 to 5 years and other financing vehicles of all kinds.  Most importantly when considering financing on my property on McFarland Rd is Free and Clear, 15 acres, and I want to use this parcel of land to build rental cabins, wine cellar, restaurant, and barn for entertainment purposes with a section for camping.

FUNDING OBSTACLE:  The issue with my project in getting financing: 

I was scammed out of $75,000 dollars from Allegiant in Miami Fl the owners Authur Anderson, Alfonso Otto, and Rudy Gonzalez played their cards right by sending the appropriate documents which looked legit, even pretended to set up a time to meet which kept changing date of closing.  I sent the closing fees up front, but we never closed on the loan. then again, I was promised a loan with Securitas Nordic in Sweden. However, once I sent the required fees for appraisal, survey, and signed loan docs the so-called company emails were invalid, the emails were returned, I sent letters which were returned.   I am out of money to move my project but yet I believe in my project and my business.  I NEED a partner that will lend the down payment or become a partner with me on my project.   I NEED a bridge loan, hard money loan, a partner, or other type of funding to help me secure the funds I am seeking.   I am trying to raise funds by putting a fundraiser campaign on my website:   under construction.  I am hosting events to make people aware of my project and the funds I need to help get my company started so I can purchase the real estate, buildings, hospital, houses, old stores, etc. 

I do have my land that is paid in full which I can use as equity to start the RENTAL tiny home cabins.  We will be the first in the area to build a tiny home community.   

The founder, Victoria Carruth is a successful entrepreneur.  She has owned developed, organized and established 4 successful businesses.  She is currently still managing and operating a mortgage closing business.  This will be the first business of this caliber in real estate.  However. With her experience, education, advertising, marketing, developing, organizing, managing, and creating a business she will have many resources she will be able to contact to assist with the development.   And her commitment, dedication, hard work, persistence and ability to start a project from ground level and make it a success is a proven track record.  In addition, to the equity partner if one chooses to commit to her project will be beneficial to the success of the company's growth.  And she will gain valuable knowledge she can use to further extend her vision and goals for the company. 
Please contact Victoria Carruth at
423 241 0601 or 423 548 6037 landlines
[email protected]
to hear more about her vision and future growth of the company.


Thank you in advance for reviewing LVK DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION funding request and your much devotion to the company.  We are excited about bringing the many projects to the area and fixing old buildings, creating new communities, buying the hospital and reopening Copper Basin Hospital, and the many other projects within our company portfolio for Polk County.  We are seeking someone that will be just as excited to join our organization as a partner, investor, or lender and bring the much-needed financing.  Either partial financing for the bed and breakfast, rental cabins and converting the old barn.   $10,000,000.  Then we will proceed to the other projects.   Looking forward to hearing from you.   The company does not have to be built all at one time, however, Securing the purchase of the buildings and land is MOST IMPORTANT because I do not want the buildings or land to be purchased by someone else or another entity.    I want to secure those first and foremost. 

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