Raising $500k For App & Tech Development, Videography and Staffing

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We founded Moitv8Now and the 8 minute miracle! The 8 Minute Miracle is A fat Shredding in home workout regimen that is only 8 minutes long.
We have proven these methods & techniques that have delivered results & transformed nearly 4000 people since 2015. 
Our starting company was called Booty Sculpt but we decided to re brand and re formulate our methods to bring the market place what the people need..
In addition to the 8 minute workouts, we coach and teach 7 other foundational principles (Money, Mindset, Relationships, Growty Literacy, Psychology, Food, & Spiritual Discovery.) 
Everything is already created in a structured formated that guides the client through our platform. 

We just started 1 month ago and have 58 members that pay us $99--$199.99/month. With our first months gross at $7400. Total net $7200. 
(No advertising or anything, just from our large social media following.)

Why we stand out above everyone is 
1)I have more energy than a squirrel who just found his nuts for the very first time.
2)My wife and I (with the help of God of course)
Transformed over 4000 women and moms since 2015
3)Lastly..... We have done all of this while having no help with...........2 year old Triplets and A 6 year old.

Our last company we scaled to 897 members in 18 months but rapidly declined once we reached that level because we 
1)Weren't charging enough
2)Did not have enough cash flow to make the system, hire people to manage these new clients, and execute the plan that I had constructed.
We dominated the online Fitness space long before covid hit and without a shadow of a doubt, we are miles ahead of the competition in this sector because of it.

We are looking for a partner(s) to help fund this project to scale this business and help us reach 1000 members by year's end 2022. And 3000 by 2023. 
Thank you for your time Speaking of time.... It's time to MOTIV8NOW! Let's rize! 

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