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Raising $50,000 to for App development of my Mobile Assistant App

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I developed a mobile shopping assistant, need funding for launching and final development.

My app will help people streamline shopping lists, find items in stores while in the store, quickest routes to the items, as well as sales that the stores are offering and any current advertisements that might be out there. 
If you've made shopping list on your phone, the app will recognize this and ask if you would like to map those items. Then taking you to them. It will also show you current coupons, sales, and offers on those and similar items. Like having the coupon ads in hand, but without having to flip through all the pages to find what you want! Convenient. It also recognizes if you're in or near a store and will ask if you need assistance at that particular store with any items in your shopping list or offer the latest deals for that store. 
Shoppers get frustrated in stores and don't have hours to spend running around and get frustrated when they can't find an attendant or have to download a mobile app to get directions around that store or find deals. This app will help streamline that and take you to the items you want with the fastest route. It will help you in an unfamiliar store to find items and will also help you plan your trip out with your grocery list if you want as well. 
Americans love to shop, this helps them forego the frustration of not being able to find an assistant and get the help they deserve and need for their questions.
The mobile assistant will be a platform for advertisements as well, from stores that are in your area, or the store that you love shopping the most! When stores pay to advertise, this will be a great place for Americans to find deals that they need associated with their shopping list or even those that aren't! 
The app's wireframe is complete and the market study was recently completed. This app needs to launch! I would love to get funding to help me finish the development and get the already developed prototype  into the market! 
The return on this investment is with the stores and advertisements. Ads usually make anywhere from $10-$200 per ad for every 1000 users. And users consist of 35% of the American population using a shopping app 2-5 times per week and that's on the conservative side!! 28% of those users use it daily. This would pay the investment back within the first year and show a profit. The growth of the app during that time with more stores seeing the success will make it a sensation and do what I see is really needed and that's help the shoppers get the items with the least amount of stress possible and offer in store assistance and convenience to those that need it right at the palm of their hands!  
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