Mizhan's Market

We provide high quality, hand and homemade body care, natural and organic, health and home hygiene products for all.

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Mizhan's Market is a homemade kitchen apothecary dedicated to the health and wellness of our individual customers. We create healthy and organic home, beauty, and personal care products for those looking to change their daily lifestyle from the inorganic and commercial to earth based and ethically sourced. Our objective is to assist clientele looking to retool their lives to a healthier, calmer approach. Our current company goal is to raise funds for a custom E-commerce website, digital marketing, state of the art subscription box program and creation of our inventions to aid the healing process. Instead of having a few items in one box, our program will include all items dedicated to a central issue i.e. a box for clean ears, a box for skin health, a box for softer stronger hair, or a box for sinus issues.

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