Miss Inez's School of Home Training

“Miss Inez’s School of Home Training” is a whimsical card game that brings the fun of gaming to the art of conversation and relationship building

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Miss Inez’s School of Home Training” is a whimsical card game that brings the fun of gaming to the art of conversation and relationship building.  

From our earliest human origins, we met around the hearth to exchange stories and to engage with one another.  Yet, in the modern age, people hide behind their screens and have lost the art of conversation.  The card game provides the blueprint for cultivating and resurrecting thoughtfulness, kindness, joy, laughter, and fun in our playful moments of human engagement. A retro card game that elevates the spirit, fosters cross-generational engagement, and allows strangers and family members alike to learn more about one another and themselves. We are adding QR coding to provide video directly from Inez Odom herself.

As a human family, we are in need of a return to civility.  We need to learn to engage with one another with respect and care.  After a global pandemic of epic proportions with imposed isolation, we need to remember what it is to be with one another again, both in social settings and in our day to day engagement.  We need to show up in a way that uses joyful communication and thought provoking reflection to develop ourselves positively.  We need to bring back laughter and fun as we make eye contact, talk with one another and exhibit the best versions of ourselves in a joyful, thoughtful way.

According to PRNewswire, the demand for tabletop games has surged rapidly over the last few years, primarily from the rising adoption of board games at game bars and cafes. In addition, the rising influence of social media influencers and gaming specialists has led to new avenues for game publishing vendors for promotion and constructive publicity. The board games market share is expected to increase by USD 2.56 billion from 2020 to 2025, and the market’s growth momentum will accelerate at a CAGR of 7.30%.

Many people experience social anxiety.  This card game is the  remedy.  Miss Inez's School of Home Training is a wholesome, positive and fun card game that crosses generations, particularly as we break the isolation of the last few years. From family reunions, waiting for breakfast, cafe meet-ups, MISOHT is the game of choice.  Boutique hotels will gift guests with a deck as they check in. Schools and colleges will use the decks for social ice breaking. Anytime people are gathered socially, the game can be played.

Using Kickstarter to launch the project is a conscious marketing strategy.  People learn about the game by reading about the model.  They invest in the idea at a very financially manageable level and are encouraged to share the product concept with others. Unless a project is fully funded, the Kickstarter funds are not available.  This builds energy among the backers to encourage others to support the project.  They have a stake in the outcome and seeing the project realized.  The kickstarter model has also allowed for test marketing and to make product changes prior to production, based upon backer feedback.  Once the first deck is produced and distributed, through analytics and player feedback, subsequent decks will be developed.

In the 20th century, children had “Mister Rogers” to teach them about friendship. Adults had "Ann Landers" and “Dear Abby” to help them understand the social landscape. How do we engage socially, share ideas and talk with one another in the world of the 21st century? Inez Odom brings a unique outlook, energy and insight rooted in her education, upbringing and personal characteristics to the development of the game's content. Inezodom.com

A deck of 50 tarot sized cards printed on high quality 350 GSM card stock with a gloss finish and in a shrink-wrapped tuck box.  Each card has a distinct QR code that connects to a video of the founder reflecting on the nuance of the card. Customers looking for a versatile, whimsical, family friendly and intellectual game. The uniquely positive element to Miss Inez's School of Home Training" makes the product dynamic and distinctive.

Once the kickstarter is funded, 1,000 decks will be available for sale and distribution.  Having the product available on the missinezsschool.com website and providing grassroots distribution and fulfillment. The long term goal would be to have “Miss Inez’s School of Home Training” purchased by a distributor and Inez Odom would be paid to create content for subsequent decks. Player feedback and analytics would help to shape future decks.

There are myriad card games such as Exploding Kittens, Go Fish, Uno, Cards Against Humanity and Pokemon. People who are drawn to games where they are being asked to think, reflect, recall and share will be attracted to "Miss Inez's School of Home Training." The corporations that own these games have a competitive advantage in terms of brand identity and market presence.  However, when a game gains popularity, we know it can sweep the market.

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