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$500k for development of low carbon ammonia

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Development of a low carbon ammonia/hydrogen.  The ammonia would be initially used as a  corn crop fertilizer used in the immediate area.  The first plant will be constructed in Northern IL.  The feedstock for the process is landfill gas that currently is flared at the site.  An International food company initiated the idea of producing the low carbon fertilizer to lower the carbon foot print of the raw feedstocks they purchase for their finished products.  That company is interested in being an equity partner in this project and others like it.  The plant foot print is very small, and the majority of the  equipment is containerized.   These plants can be built anywhere where there is a biogas source and an ammonia market.  The biogas feedstock can be from landfills, farm digesters, city waste treatment plants, as well as flared gas from oil wells.   MBE is currently negotiating a contract with an International firm that will handle the ammonia offtake from several plants.  
In addition, as the United States moves towards more renewable power, ammonia could be used as a direct fuel for power production.  Ammonia is also the most cost effective way to store hydrogen, the hydrogen can be used to produce electricity or as a transportation fuel.    
Currently Midwest BioEnergy Ltd (www.midwestbioenergy.com) is in need of an investor/mentor that can supply $500k to do the engineering necessary to get an EPC  bid.  We have completed the preliminary financial model, as well as budget pricing for all the components. The ammonia can be produced at a competitive price with world scaled plants.  The CapX for this first project is estimated to be $37,000,000.    

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