Feature Film: Wanders Pass

Project Funding for Woman Director who is turning her Novel into a Feature Film. Planning on bringing to Netflix, HULU, HBO Max, Amazon Prime, etc. Great ROI

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Hi, my name is Leah Brown and I am the author of Wanders Pass. Recently my DOP (Alaina Myers) and I adapted this into a feature length screenplay.


We at Melody of Imagination LLC are customer focused in all of our endeavors, striving to exceed their expectations. This core value has always delivered the best to our clients and will always remain. We welcome the creative ideas of our team at the foundation of quality, trust and respect; On these tiers, we never compromise.

Wanders Pass has identified the following short-term objectives: 
• Start production as soon as late spring of 2022
• Start the marketing of the movie to reach as many audiences as possible.
• Increase the return on profit to 100%

.Continue growth in the market and government support in terms of grant and tax credits.
.Higher rate of Video on Demand sales than before.
.Low budget required as compare to overall market.
.Currently the time is ripe for growing in the area by introducing a new kind of movie. 

Synopsis: It is a beautiful journey of love, secrets kept and blossoming romance in a quaint community in Oregon, 1953. The story revolves around a young woman who navigates through tribulations that still ring true today. She explores unwritten social class distinctions, a man’s dominance over women, the entitlement of the rich, and hidden secrets protecting the family's image. As the journey evolves and secrets are revealed, she explores the ramifications of family members pitted against family members, testing their underlying love and trust for each other. The characters continue to develop and become more enriched as they each experience the choices they are faced with amid the incredibly visual backdrop of nature. This is certainly not a one-note nature story, although there is definitely a deep love of nature in it. It's full of adventure and edge-of-your-seat plot lines. The pace is constantly moving, so it's very hard to put Wanders Pass down, once started. Other characters are rich with culture and the story is one of excitement, mystery, fear, hope and healing (also known as Cinema Therapy)

We are to begin filming in early summer of 2022. We have most of the major actors that will be playing in the film. Here is the breakdown of where your funds will be allocated:

TOTAL: $55,000

TOTAL: $107,000

TOTAL: $110,000

TOTAL: $40,000

TOTAL: $25,000

TOTAL: $77,000

TOTAL: $25,000

TOTAL: $10,000

TOTAL: $45,000

TOTAL: $56,000

TOTAL: $327,000

TOTAL: $50,000


TOTAL: $5,000

TOTAL: $101,200,000

y team includes my DOP, Alaina Myers, who just won an Emmy for one of her films and is a London film grad. Included, we also have several SAG actors that will be in the film.

We are centering our film around a theme called 'Cinema Therapy', where healing takes place because viewers see themselves in the heroines and take courage to change themselves. For more information on this, please visit my website: https://melodyofimagination.com/cinema-therapy

Melody of Imagination LLC will be exclusively owned by Leah Brown, the owner. A separate LLC will be formed with future investor/investors regarding Wanders Pass the feature length film (where percentages owned can be negotiated upon in respects to both parties). 

We plan to take this film to major streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, etc. and we are looking for investors to make this possible with a ROI.

Kind Regards,
Leah Brown
Melody of Imagination LLC

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