Mediwarm Technology

New updated Medical product that provides pain relief and many other benefits. Previous models use in EU since 2011

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To provide far infrared technology devices to relieve pain and support health.       

Market Size in USD
  • Skin Care Global - $189 Billion
  • Physiotherapists - $165 Billion
  • Pain Care - $150 Billion
  • Seniors Healthcare Market $705 Billion
  • Integrated Medicine - $293 Billion
  • Rehabilitation Center - $17.5 Billion
  • Home Healthcare - $120 Billion
$250K USA investment for share in company and existing trademarks. 250K line of credit for suppliers

Quarterly profit division based units sold, after costs of Operations, Marketing, Working capital retention, royalties, licensing as required

(original Czech company Carpsro, praha)

CE approval for first model in 2012, limited production 700 units. Primary client’s were 80 percent physiotherapists, pain clinics and integrated medicine clinics in Germany, Italy and UK. 20 percent home users. About 100 units sold to esthetician practices and spas USA market in 2018 in 3 months. No further inventory available.

In 2019 began developing a new product in California under Mediwarm Technology USA. Preproduction units in January 2021. First small batch sold in April to NYC distributor. Supply chains established, software tested and approved, manufacturing facilities agreements for controller and emitter devices done. Controller pcb redone, because of chip shortages and new components used. Packaging completed, video and collateral in progress, existing client base is waiting. We need funds to get going.

I have 40 years experience in Silicon Valley and Europe. 18 years contract work in IT and Telecom integration and Product Management. Change management programs with Siemens, Adidas, Reuters, Nortel. Product Development Nortel/BNR and Carp sro praha. Chairman of NIST standards Committee for development of X 400, X 500 email and directory standards and ISO protocol stack. integration. Member of corporation of open systems, member IEEE

We have Mediwarm registered trademarks in all EU countries since 2008.

Starting production in United States

Currently in small scale product of first 10 units, all sold. Backlog building at this moment. 

Previous version is on website,

Prefer investors familiar with Health and Wellness industry.



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