MBI Tree service LLC

As our company keeps growing MBI needs a resource for expansion and keep business flowing without any stress.

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We are in the Tree service industry. Our business is a successful industry and really challenging just like every other business. We have been in business since 2017. We have grow over the years and have assets as they are utilized for the business. Our biggest challenge is the cash flow and that we need help with. Let us know if we can have a meeting or conference call. We will travel anywhere to introduce our goal.The Company was formed on 03/21/2017 as Limited Liability Company under Ohio state laws and headed by Nereida Paez, Luis Paez.
Nereida Paez is who created MBI which stands for My boys and I. Luis Paez just brought the knowledge and experience as we both only knew operations. Nereida has been the one who controls paper work and keeps MBI control from our office. Nereida is also woman own business. Luis Paez controls operations and bids on projects.
MBI Tree Service LLC has accomplish several of goals. Number one has been how to keep employees working during winter. As every company struggles on keeping employees busy. MBI has accomplish diversity of projects, Utility line clearing, Land clearing, DOT clearing for OHDOT and PennDOT, Gas line right of way clearing and maintenance. MBI has also accomplish to maintain jobs for residential from March to November. .
The Company currently employs 24 full-time employees and 10 part-time employees.

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