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Raising 500K for sports fan based business

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MATCH UPS FOODS is a start-up Company that is creating 32 unique sauces, marinades and condiments recipes to enhance the foods associated with the professional NFL teams, resulting in the Ultimate Victory Sauces product line and business.

The Company has generated local support in the world of sauces, marinades and condiments. With an aim to enhance the food and its flavors, Match Ups Foods, LLC has proudly announced that it is creating 32 unique recipes associated with the 32 teams of the National Football League of America. These 32 NFL inspired sauces are called the Ultimate Victory Sauces, and each Ultimate Victory Sauce offers a unique flavor.

Match Ups Foods is committed to producing, marketing, and selling a product line of sauces, marinades, and condiments that are inspired by the love of watching your favorite NFL team. The flavors are unique to each city/region that the NFL teams are from, focusing on regional and ethic food flavors, with game day food created by you, the consumer.

Match Ups Foods, LLC will enjoy a number of significant, competitive advantages, including the following:
●Product & Services are superior to the competition
●Unique flavor profiles
●Formulated to enhance NFL team’s regional foods 

Match Ups Foods, LLC is currently seeking funding for use in financing its start-up, expansion, marketing, legal, general working capital requirements in the form of a loan/investment to execute its business plan for the greatest potential to secure the most desirable (“highest and best”) return.

The Owner seeks a relationship with an investor(s) that can help Match Ups Foods, LLC carefully grow the business in a manner which will allow the Company to provide exceptional products to a growing market. 

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