Matador Medical Management LLC

Raising $500k to manufacture/build the most state of the art technology for clean air quality

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Matador Medical Management is a company that is innovating air quality technology that will evolve the way we live, eat, travel, socialize and move forward. We will be creating technology that will give small business owners a chance to get back what is theirs and large businesses to flourish even further. Our intentions are to gain capital to increase speed and time on moving our 2 IP's forward to manufacturing and market distribution. There are endless verticals involved from medical, to restaurants, to travel, to auto, to small and large business entities, to financial institutions, to commercial and residential lifestyle, to federal government targets. NDA's will need to be in place to discuss any further technologies, platforms, etc. My company has been around since 2018 and am based out of Lubbock, TX. Matador Medical started as mainly a spinal and biologics distribution sales service company covering 2 states and growing over 3 million dollars in business. Matador then switched gears to the clean air technology sector and have now created some incredible synergies with 2 of the top technologies in the world creating the most efficient and determined effort to detect-prevent and kill all harmful viral, bacterial and fungal airborne pathogens. 

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