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Raising 3million USD to build an African E-commerce platform the next big thing

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Dear Sir / Madam,
I refer to the above subject matter and please find herein our application for your kind consideration as we build credibility and mutual confidence.
We are determined to dispel the myth and stigma on Africa; however, we are exercising the usual caution too as our credibility is your credibility.
I shall remain discreet and diligent in my duties.  Sadly here, it is no more what you know but who you know, I have got both qualities to my advantage including network of contacts through one of Africa’s biggest network telecom companies like MTN Africa and AIRTEL Uganda
I am available to answer any questions and I look forward to hearing from a credible investor.
Best Regards,
Talemwa Ivan,
Mobile / WhatsApp:   +256-703- 034-664
 E-mail                  :     [email protected]

                              This information is private and should not be circulated to any third parties without the express permission of the sender. 

                                                                           REQUEST FOR FUNDING OF 3MILLION USD.

I hereby request for funding of the sum of 2.9 million US Dollars to enable Mabira E-com Company establish her e-commerce digital project first of its kind in Uganda and on African continent.  Mabira E-com Company is an ecommerce platform the first of its kind in Africa that will solve high rent issues from arcade buildings that inhabit businesses in major cities of Africa especially in this period of time where the COVID19 pandemic is a big issue all over the world. Business owners have been forced to close their physical stores and charged high rent they have not engaged due to the lockdowns that have been set by governments as they try to fight the spread of COVID19. This has forced many entrepreneurs out of business
            The solution for the existing and starting young African entrepreneurs is the establishment of the Mabira E-com platform which offers easy creation and management of customized online stores where business transactions take place and payments are made directly on their online stores.
      With the provision of multiple African native languages on the platform make navigation on the platform so easy hence increasing subscribers on Mabira e-com. The platform will be hosting only legal businesses giving chance to millions of internet users to both offer and receive services at an affordable cost since going digital is trending lately and it’s a do or die for businesses today. The project has not been implemented due to lack of funds to facilitate its progress.
            A frame work of rules and best practices have been adopted to ensure accountability, fairness and transparency in our relationship with all stakeholders. This frame work will facilitate effective entrepreneurial and prudent management to deliver the long-term success of Mabira E-com Company.
 In view of the above, all staffs will be recruited as part of the work force in capacities subject to review and assessment on performance for the growth of Mabira E-com limited as a private limited company with its subsidiaries to increase productivity and efficiency. Mabira E-com Company will utilize experienced legal and accounting advisors to comply with international tax and legislative law. It shall also comply with the necessary government bodies
 our vision is to be listed on the Africa Stock Exchange and other credible stock exchanges around the world as per the legal requirements of the UK for corporate governance to give potential investors the confidence on our responsibilities as per US FCPA Act and UK Acts on corporate governance and to digitalize all businesses in Africa and all around the world through the platform. The business lines are marketing agency and delivery company. Quality, efficiency, transparency and all professional ethics will be put into practice.

             Mr. Talemwa Ivan is a founder and executive director of kabandwa woods, a company that exports wood overseas like in China (Quinqdao) and Netherlands. Mr. Talemwa is also a founding member of the first digital marketing company in east Africa called Seeit marketing agency in Uganda.
            He has further run multiple internet businesses online which acknowledges that he is among the few Ugandan digital online entrepreneurs who are professional and do excellent work to the international standards.
            Mr. Talemwa possesses management skills, communication and transparency which has led to, organizational transformation, operational improvement, and sustainability across all areas of midstream digital infrastructure like in software development and digital media upgrade through Seeit marketing agency. Proven results in organizational development, financial improvement, process enhancements, asset optimization, and safety improvement in rapid growth both on online and physical environments. Skilled in transforming under performing groups into productive, safe, sustainable organizations that contribute to bottom line performance. This has led to increased revenue and development through employment for the nation. (Please see a brief of my LinkedIn Profile – Talemwa Ivan).
            Extensive experience in operations, electrical engineering, online business management, and management leadership positions, involving online, corporate and field operations management. Talemwa’s experience in business development, acquisitions and divestitures have been productive and practical.  Talemwa also has extensive network of professional personnel to give a productive output.
 Duties by Mr. Talemwa Ivan:
 Anticipate the Chairman and senior executives’ demands and issues and proactively facilitate solutions and appropriate distribution of resources and skilled professionals to add value to the Company.
 ·Advise the chairman and take responsibility on all matters of Human Resource management for the Company including the development and implementation of all internal Human Resource policies and processes. 
 ·. Manage all meeting logistics with middle management team and facilitate meeting-related communications. Execute special projects and assignments through a distinct process which includes:
 •     Determining the objectives, timeline and priorities of the project
 •     Managing time and professional resources including staff
 •     Gaining the cooperation of others while facilitating collaboration
 •     Monitoring progress while encouraging out-of-the-box problem solving
 •     Being flexible and making adjustments throughout the project timeline.
 Complete a broad variety of administrative tasks for the Chairman including but not limited to: 
 •     Managing an active calendar of appointments
 •     Composing and centralizing correspondence. 

 The Mabira Ecommerce platform, is a digital project establishment that will be developed by technocrats in information technology and software engineering. A website and mobile application will be used by the entrepreneurs to access the services of the Mabira E-com platform to their digital online stores.

 The project will start in Kampala Uganda, then East Africa, Africa and World catering for the millions of internet users who we are looking forward to subscribe and digitalize their business through the platform. And at the mentioning of the digital platform, we are already receiving more than 2000 interested entrepreneurs, this guarantees the success of the Mabira E-com platform.
And in Uganda only internet subscribers increased by +14% between 2020 to 2021, increasing the number of internet users from 10.67 million to 12.16 million people according to google. The platform can host millions of subscribers to make it Africa’s largest online digital business platform. 
Sir/madam with only 5000 subscribers on the platform each paying just a basic plan of $29 USD only, excluding the transactional fees if they are not using the Mabira payments and paid themes, the Mabira E-com platform has the capacity to generate a minimum of $145,000/month

This project is a replica of shopify in North America. The project will have a data center, the Use of the best secure software is a priority to the company so as efficiency is effective and service delivery by the project team. Acquisition of permanent structures especially for the data center is a priority to avoid any short comings or other uncertainties by landlords in case he may want to use his property space   

IMPLIMENTATION REQUIREMENTS              -   274,722
SALARIES                                                         -   380,444
SERVICE OPERATIONAL COSTS                   -   242,888
MARKETING                                                     -    600,000
DATA CENTER                                                 - 1,500,000
TOTAL COST IS 2,998,054$
NOTE: This cost caters for the first year of all costs incurred.

 AFRICA: Given the massive presence of first and quality internet access, it has been underutilized for online project development in Africa.  Besides that, Africa has the highest number of youth in the world giving e-commerce project assurance of growth and success.
·       Investor signs MOU with Mr. Talemwa Ivan
·       Investor to support Mr. Talemwa with a budget to register and open a company in Uganda.
·       Investor to own 40% of shares of registered private limited company in Uganda and appoint directors for the company. 60% must be Ugandans.
·       Investor will be the Chairman of the board.
·       Head of Operations – Mr. Talemwa Ivan. 
 Sir the cost of incorporating private limited company in Uganda professional fee is $5,000 and registration will be ready within maximum of 6 weeks.
Name Reservation 
Stamp duties 
Notary public
Professional fee.

 Private Limited Company (Ltd) in Uganda. (As part of local content policy of the government)
A private limited company is a legal entity in its own right, separate from those who own it, the shareholders. The limited liability and simplicity of running the private limited company makes it the most common of registered business in Uganda. As a shareholder of a private limited company, the shareholders personal possessions remain separate (unless they are secured against the business for borrowing), and the shareholders risk is reduced to only the money they have invested in the company and any shares the shareholder holds which has not be paid for.
Limited companies are also considered prestigious by other companies and the general public due to its legitimate nature and the way important information is recorded at the Uganda registration bureau. Anyone wishing to do businesses with a private limited company can verify who is connected to the company and also the financial status of the company by paying the Uganda registration bureau a small fee. The level of transparency is very beneficial in terms of build public confidence in the company.
We look forward to your formal response to this document and thank you as we look forward to a mutual beneficial business relationship and am available to answer any questions and I look forward to hearing from a credible investor.
Best Regards,
Talemwa Ivan,
Mobile/WhatsApp:   +256-703- 034-664
 E-mail                   :     [email protected]

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