Mahee film fund, LLC

Raising $10 Million for underwater archeology full length historical movies

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If you wished you invested in Viacom or Disney at startup, Mahee film fund is for you. To reap the benefit of Section 181 of the Job act benefits for the year 2022 invest in the fund.  "Mahee production " produces full feature films for theatrical release and streaming. The fund will allow Mahee production to produce underwater archeological sites by teaming up with marine archeology groups and to sell streaming rights . to History channel, Netflix, etc. The assumed and forecasted return on investment is 10 to 17%. This is a long-term investment.  The assets developed (movies etc) have a worldwide audience and are estimated to be more than 500 million.  The investment is through  "offering memorandum " only. Minimum investment id 1 unit, US $ 10,000.  Only 1000 units are available. Investors may purchase more than one unit. The security will be registered with SEC after the offering closes. 

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