Luys-Systems Inc.

Seasoned entrepreneurs with a passionate team of Sr. level scientist/engineers seeking to raise $700,000 seed fund for the launching of marketing/Sales/distribution endeavor of our

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LUYS Systems is positioned as product development company targeting the “Smart Building” industry. Our high-end, proprietary innovative products consists of sophisticated electronics, sensors, software with artificial intelligence/machine learning algorithm and wireless connectivity. Smart, end-to-end Internet-of-Things (IoT) products require advanced engineering capabilities in a multiple of technical disciplines which Luys is uniquely positioned to deliver.
As NEST Smart Thermostats and RING Video Doorbells have become dominant leaders in the Smart Home market, Luys is poised to become the equivalent for Smart Buildings. NEST, purchased by Google for $3.2B, and RING, purchased by Amazon for $1B, proved that an attractive, well-designed, smart, connected IoT device can be commercially successful, widely adopted Globally, and the harvested data a valuable commodity. 
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