Lumpia Café

Raising 200k to start my wife and I Filipino/Asian Cuisine Restaurant in Perry, GA.

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My wife and I are opening up a Filipino/Asian Cuisine Restaurant in Perry, GA. She is inspired to open up a restaurant by her childhood story in the Philippines below.
 Ever since I was a little girl I watched my grandma cook and cater for our family and communities around our province in the Philippines. Her cooking always brought our family together which we experience love, joy and family time.  I’m sure it did the same to the communities by seeing them smile, laugh, and conversing with their family and love ones.  This is what inspired me to want to open up my own restaurant called Lumpia Café. I can not wait to be able to serve my family, friends, military member, and communities in Middle Georgia. It will bring so much join to my heart to see people from all walks of life enjoy my cooking. Lumpia Café will be a  Filipino/Asian Cuisine. We will be serving Filipino Food, sweet pastries, gelato, and more. We believe that our products will bring crowds from many different parts of Middle Georgia and beyond. 

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