Luggage Logistics Corporation

Raising $10 million to launch and market a premier luggage shipping app that allows our members/customers to use our patented luggage shipping bags.

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WeGo Travel Club investor information
Luggage Logistics Corp. dba WeGo Travel Club is a SAAS company.  WeGo Travel Club is in a particularly good position to help people get back to traveling through the post-pandemic.  Our members enjoy completely hands-free travel locally, nationally, and internationally, devoid of baggage luggage and / or suitcases.  Why not pack them , ship them , and let them go before you to most any destination in the region, country or the world.  Up to five day economy luggage shipping domestically to overnight delivery for when it absolutely must be at its destination the next business day.  Members purchase our patented luggage shipping bags and arrange the shipments all through our easy to use app.  Our TAM is tremendous and this company effectively will influence family travel, senior travel, people with disabilities and students traveling back and forth to universities and colleges.  There are multiple revenue streams throughout this company including retail of WeGo Travel Club Luggage Shipping Bags as well as Shipping fees to destinations and return shipping.
I am seeking any advice are assistance that you may be able to give with moving this company to the unicorn status that is achievable.  
Best Regards,
Carlton W. Chandler 
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Pitch Deck available upon request.

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