Raising 100K to fund and expand our Online Clothing and Accessories Brand.

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It is an online only clothing business that uses print on demand. Bringing a stylish name and brand logo for consumers. Following trending style and fashion. We have an online only store that is up and running. It is fully operational, clean look, simple and easy to use. Our business aims for customers in the age range of 16-40. these are the ages typically interested in the modern type of fashion and branding.  When our costumers purchase on our site it is sent to the printing company, they will then print, pack and send the order to that costumer for us. We have an average of about 30% profit margin on each purchase, not including shipping. We sell everything from T-shirts, Sweatshirts, Pants, Home Decorations and Accessories. These are separated into collections of Men, Women, Unisex, Home Decor and Organic Clothing. Right now I am the only worker for the company and as we look to expand I would love to bring on more people to expand the business. I would love to be in touch with anyone interested in our brand and that believes in the great things we can do. 

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