Liquid Industries LLC

Raising - $500000 to purchase 4 lot commercial property with freeway frontage on i10

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My name is Justin Windsor and Liquid Industries LLC was formed back in 2019 as a way I could start to phase out of being an employee and become my own boss. I have only done small sideline work to date. But I have found a property I would like to buy that has 4 lots and a commercial building on the 1st lot with an existing tenant. I believe the upside on this investment will be good and owning an asset that will create an income from day 1 sounds too good to be true,  but its not!!

I am a qualified mechanical engineer, and am currently working with line trucks that sub contract to Southern California Edison. I am in a unique position where I would be able to ensure all servicing of these vehicle will be able to pass through my business. The 2nd 2 lots of this land will be used for this strategy!! These vehicles work 7 days a week and servicing is due all the time!

As part of our expansion goals , we will be expanding across Southern California and aiming to secure all the utility company sub contract maintenance work. They are currently all paying "Diesel Mechanics" exuberant amounts of money as "line mechanics" so I feel I can make a big dent in this market too.

The $500000 will allow me to buy this property and install security and signage. As far as all tools etc. That is already on hand! We have the tools experience and hard working attitude to make this work!!!

I would appreciate any and all input as well as feedback. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any comments or queries!

Thanks for your time and I look forward to making a deal!

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