Lionwood Construction Ltd

We are raising funding to refine a novel hydrokinetic powered alternator system and hull form to produce a working prototype

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We are a niche market Project Management and research company interested in conversion of hydro kinetic energy (wave energy) into electrical energy.   We have developed a novel alternator system to transform wave energy to electrical energy. 
We have removed requirement for power take off (PTO) devices to spin traditional alternators, thus removing associated mechanical losses inherent in all other devices. In removing the mechanical loses associated with a PTO  we have improved efficiency beyond traditional systems.  The novel alternator system is far less complex than currently available technology.  This allows a great capital expenditure advantage as the cost to construct is significantly cheaper and the maintenance costs are dramatically reduced.
We have developed the novel alternator to be variable output allowing our device to produce electrical energy over a wider range of wave conditions.  The novel alternator does not require the usual minimum and maximum wave heights to produce electrical energy.
We are continuing with R&D to refine the novel alternator system to produce a working prototype.  We also are designing a specific hull form to be more reactive to wave conditions than currently available structures and designs.   
We require funding assistance and guidance through the processes to bring a working prototype to the world stage.

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