Lift Lock

Raising Capital to have our product lift lock become part of building code in all 50 states

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Lift Lock, a roof pipe securing apparatus and a patented product, which will become part of Florida Building Code (for the entire state).Multiple product per project would be required per building code.
Our vision is to have it become part of building code for the entire country or at the very least be sold in home improvement stores, plumbing supply stores, solar product warehouses etc. around the country and potentially globally. The purpose of lift lock, is to securely lift and  lock pvc pipe so that it is not flush against a surface (per building code) As of right now, there is not a product on the market  that serves this purpose. At the moment, contractors build there own apparatus to meet code. I have had positive feedback from the Miami Dade County Building Official and down the chain of command. Our next step is to have it tested in the lab  for approval before it becomes code. 

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