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Hello I am Jacob Burchett, owner of liberty air compressor parts. we are a E-commerce company in the Pneumatic industry that sells air compressor parts and lubricants  to commercial companies, factories and individuals to maintenance they’re compressors.  We have a broad range of products compatible to many different popular brands in the industry such as Campbell hausfield, ingersoll rand, craftsman, husky, porter cable and more. We have good relationships with our suppliers and have great profit margins on every product we offer, especially  55 gallon drums of our liberty premium lubricants., all while still maintaining some of the most competitive prices in the industry. The company is an LLC that began startup in December of 2019 and since then we have doubled our profits every year with no marketing. And our website traffic through our shopify website is in the top 10% of stores launched the same week as us. . We are now at the point where we have a grasp on how to successfully execute as a company and feel it’s time to take this all the way.  it’s time to bring in an investor that has a similar vision and we seek to build a professional relationship with in order to fund a successful marketing campaign for our company to succeed and get eyes on us.

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