Leaps and Bounds Learning Academy

Looking to open up a High Quality Education Preschool Center for Families in Need of Childcare

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We are looking for someone to help us start up a business that we have been wanting to open for a long time. We just need help making this come true and helping so many families in need of good quality care for their children.  We have  dreamed of having our own childcare learning center and have our business plan.   There is an existing Daycare that the owner wants to sell. I have been working closely with the realtor and told her I am working on funding for it so I can get the building and take over the business.  It is up and running.   Owner doesn't want to lease anymore he wants to sell.  I am trying to get funding so I can buy the business and take it over.  This Day Care is doing well, I want to keep the teachers and Clientele. I also have my teachers ready to go with me.

 However funding is what we are struggling with.   We want to provide high quality service  and this will help us reach our goals that we can open and grow our business.  We have been in this field for 30 years and we are ready to have our own business in Early Childhood Education.

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