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 Founded in 2019, the is a global website that provides 24/7 shipping rate requests to freight forwarders or carriers. The logistics industry is a $15 trillion per year industry, with vast untapped potential due to traditional and frustrating methods of obtaining competitive shipping rates. Through the we meet immediate demand for shipping rates from multiple freight forwarders in one online location. Our website facilitates and reduces time to estimate, reduces overall shipping costs, and accelerates negotiations between shippers and freight forwarders. 

The, also provides a medium for shippers to connect socially using our LCLConnect social networking website (With the LCLConnect, users can post industry information, provide comments, share photographs, and post links to news or other interesting content). You can book and connect with other members using our online appointment / event scheduling or find products in bulk on our marketplace. 

Our team consists of experts with decades of experience in logistics, software development and autonomy, marketing, and customer onboarding. We are tenacious and solely focused on our customers success. To find out more about us, visit the 

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