Lat Master

Seeking 500,000 to bring the Lat Master exercise machine to market.

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Lat Master is a back exercise that incorporates the entire back muscle system, unlike Lat Pull Down machines that only activate a portion of the back and use 70-80% of the Forearm and Bicep, the Lat Master uses only 20-30% of the Forearms and Bicep and 70-80% of the back muscle system.
As conventional Lat Exercise machine have an undefined range of motion, allowing the user to have a much less targeted range of motion.
The Lat Master has a defined range of motion and will activate every muscle system in the back. This will replace every Lat Pull down machine. A one billion dollar venture.
Image showing the muscle flexing:
This machine was evaluated by the National Institute of Sport and Fitness Melony Roberts PhD Indianapolis, In. Melony stated the findings were as I have described above.
Business Plan

Invent Help has a great system to help direct new products to the market place. They are professionals with high integrity and determination.
I have a group of professional sales and marketing managers that are willing to come on-board with this project.
My plan is to have Estes Corp. Indianapolis, In. manufacturer., box and ship. 
My target's are the major fitness centers cooperate purchasing agents. On line sales as well as direct to high schools, collages and professional teams. 


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