Landlords are people too.

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Landlord platforms covering key aspects of the landlord-tenant relationship.  Both platforms have been developed by real estate attorney Jeremy Piper.   Funding sought to integrate the platforms (along with other proprietary processes of Piper's legal office) into one site/application which covers the landlord-tenant vertical.   Funding is also sought to advertise the platform to the target market, grow user base and adoption. provides small to medium sized landlords property management tools that are accurate, state specific, and easy to use. is the smart site for the savvy landlord.  Landlords nationwide use to manage their rental properties.  The site is an on demand service site that has various levels of membership, beginning with one time use and culminating with year-long all access plan.  Property management items include rental applications, leases and state specific forms are all available to the user. automates the court process for the Landlord.    Need to go somewhere?  Uber.   Have a tenant not paying rent?  Landlordzoom.   This platform relies heavily on the founder's legal system knowledge and experience to deliver low cost, efficient and effective justice to his clients.   A three-state model is being rolled out to generate revenue and establish the proof of concept for scalability.  

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