Black owned custom apparel/needing bigger embroidery machine

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Hello, I am stefan. I currently drive semi trucks and in my spare time, I make custom embroidered apparel. Im seeking a investor to help purchase a larger machine to increase production and quality. I make good money driving, but I would like to leave the trucking business in order to be home and design my own line. Ive literally brought my smaller machine on the road with me in order to practice and produce, while on the road. I only need a single opportunity to really grab whats so near to me. I could save a few months for the machine, but its literally something I think about ALL DAY EVERYDAY! Please consider my position. This is a dream, and the machine i want would make that come true. Thank you for your time. 

Side note: All I’m asking for is a shot. Im going to succeed in this regardless. This dream haunts me every single day. I haven’t made thousands of dollars because I’m stuck in this semi truck for weeks on in. Once i go home, i split my time with my babies and then my smaller machine. I know I can make this work.  

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