Raising 500k for a global polarizing e-commerce memorabilia multi fashion apparel brand.

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My company; KNGDOM is a start-up at this current time. My company’s motto is. “Building relationship NOT transaction”. I would like to say that the polarizing mech arena is highly profitable at this current time in our history. A competitor of mine: Nine Line Apparel is a excellent example for you to reference to. So that you may get an idea of the polarizing arena I am speaking of. 
My  company is strategically making calculated moves that will render a high revenue return as well.
Kngdom is a global polarizing e-commerce memorabilia multi fashion apparel brand. The brand- KNGDOM has created an political polarizing line.  As well as a hip mainstream line called-KNGDOM LYFE STYLES.
 At this current time in the world. More so in America. It has seen its many many political historical polarizing events take place. The world itself has witness & been apart of these historical events. America’s history should by no means be forgotten. That is why I have created a multi level memorabilia fashion apparel brand. That consist of T-shirts, Sweatshirts, mask, blankets, pillows, tote bags etc.  That serves as a piece of America’s history. To pass down from generation to generation. Which will be & is a perfect keep sake. 
The target customer base is everyone that honestly wants to piece of America’s history. The more political, polarizing & controversial the customer is & their views are. The better. Now, there is a large sector I am honestly targeting the most over my overall customer base.  
I appreciate being able to share a little about my business to you. I would love for the opportunity to explain more unto you. For this is total a company to invest your time, resources  & money into. You can contact me at the below information.  Look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you,
Kamilah Daniell Daily
Kngdom Empire L.LC
DBA- Kngdom
[email protected]

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