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Klio Studio is a one-of-a-kind cloud-based B2B SaaS project management tool application, specifically tailored to the film, TV, and commercial industries. https://www.kliostudio.

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Klio Studio is a one-of-a-kind cloud-based B2B SaaS project management tool application, specifically tailored to the film, TV, and commercial industries, complete with intuitive budgeting and scheduling tools, script breakdowns and call sheets for Producers and Filmmakers. 

Until now, producers had to Frankenstein other off the shelf products, that don't communicate well with one-another, in hopes of not missing anything in the process.  And, they do,... a lot!   Klio checks and double checks, is user friendly and includes chat and notifications as well.  Built by industry professionals for industry professionals, Klio solves all the problems that have been involved in producing content for decades, saving Producers time and millions of dollars in the process.

We're raising $1M in order to fund a complete rollout, which would include completing the build, a major marketing blitz, customer support and other staff salaries, for the first year.

CEO & Founder, Adrienne Lunson, has spent 10 years in Hollywood struggling with other products to do her job, motivating her to create Klio Studio.  She's worked end-to-end in the entertainment industry, from development at AMC Networks to Post Production at Fox, all of which has provided her with the insight to capture most everything needed for this application.  Ms. Lunson served in the US Navy as a Military Officer and has lead multiple large units, providing her with not only the tools, but the experience to take on this sort of project with finesse and professionalism.  As well, Ms. Lunson has a B.B.A in Finance.

CTO, Omar Butler, has 20 years of cutting edge tech experience, primarily as a System Architect for NetApp, as well as designing IT System for the NFL.  Some of Mr. Butler's clients include Hulu and Live Nation.  He's worked with a full team of developers and has a B.S in Computer Engineering.

Head of Product is Christopher-Ian Reichel, with over 20 years of experience in UX/UI.  His credentials include being the Director of Customer Experience for IBM, VP and creator of Credit Suisse's online platform, and has led strategic e-commerce platforms for MTV, J.Crew, LG Electronics, Nationwide Insurance, Scholastic Books, and HP.  Mr. Reichel has a B.A in Psychology and Design.

Strategic Advisor and COO, Randy Klinenberg, has more than 40 years experience working with individuals and small to medium size businesses in the Entertainment space.  He has effectively implemented procedures in the areas of collections and distribution for both domestic and foreign sales, by designing and applying systems for such companies as MetroMedia Television, enabling it to be sold to FOX, and The Movie Group, aiding in its evolution into Lions Gate Entertainment.   While working in the international film distribution arena, Mr. Klinenberg created a software application developed to track media rights licensing and royalties, for all rights, currencies and territories worldwide.  It was the front runner application used by over 30 film distributors, such as New Regency, Morgan Creek and Film Roman.  Mr. Klinenberg also worked in social services, developing and running a one-of-a-kind day program for adults with developmental disabilities, which taught them acting, music and dance, as well as producing original in-house large scale stage productions, promotional, youtube serials and music videos.  As an Agent & Talent Manager, he booked their clients in over 1,500 roles in stage, commercials, films & Television.   Mr. Klinenberg has a B.A. in Communication Arts.

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