KiltronX Enviro Systems Corp

Raise $1.5MM Launch/Marketing of Poison Free Vector Insect Contact Killer 30 second contact Sprays, Laundry, & textiles. We kill Bed bugs, Fleas, Lice, Ants, and more!

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I hope you’re doing well. I wanted to reach out because of your vast
experience working with startups. I’m impressed with the portfolio
you’ve built, specifically with your work with your investments. We
are a textile bio-insecticide industry sector company and thought you might be
interested in a company we are in the process of launching
KiltronX Investment Offering.

Poisons and Pest control is a bigger problem than ever, with
infestations becoming more difficult to remove as pests are
increasingly resistant to almost all traditional pesticides. KiltronX
develops proprietary, proton technology, non-toxic, and sustainable
formulations for treating pests that are safe, cost-efficient, and highly effective.

KiltronX bio insecticides and textile technology is focused on
Sustainable Fertilizers, Vector insects (Bed bugs, Ticks, Mosquitoes,
Ants, all mite species, Fleas that can transmit deadly diseases) with
our “LIGHTENING” Contact Killer Poison Free, Glyphosates Free, No DDT,
No Paraquat, No Pyrethrums.  Backed by over fifteen years of research
and development and investments totaling approx. $5MM. Our ingredient
formulations are all proprietary and processed with our own
synthesized techniques. Every KiltronX formulation is either
proprietary, patented or patent pending.  The KiltronX team is led by a highly seasoned Veteran team of industry
experts and leaders. Their experience spans multiple industries including
investment banking, real estate, strategic planning, business law,
entomology, textile & chemical engineering, and GREEN environmental
engineering and more.  We’re currently seeking a minimum of $1.5MM in equity/convertible debt
funding to rapidly launch our market-ready products. I would love the
opportunity to discuss this with you in more detail. Is there a time
next week that works best for you to schedule a call?



Thank you,
Zion Michtavy

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