KickStart Athletics

Transform Athletic Coaching from a Gamble to an Investment

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Who is KickStart?

KickStart is a non-profit alliance of coaches in all sports, all positions, all locations, and all with the same goals for the student-athletes we serve. Together, we turn K-12 athletic coaching from a gamble into an investment by donating a percentage of every coaching service fee to a dedicated college scholarship fund for our clients.

Our mission is to create a network of meaningful relationships through athletics while enriching the lives of the student-athletes we serve, both in the classroom and on the field.

We achieve this mission through our platform. KickStart is a shared space similar to StyleSeat where coaches can onboard with us and list their coaching services in one centralized location for booking by student-athletes across the country in any sport or position. Coaches choose their own hours and their own prices. Student-athletes then book coaching sessions with the coaches in our program.

Why would student-athletes & families choose KickStart?

KickStart's 25 percent service fee goes to supporting the KickStart Scholarship Fund which is applied for and distributed on a need basis. Student-athletes spend thousands of dollars on quality coaching when only 3-7 percent of high school athletes play in college, and even fewer get athletic funding. All of the money spent on traditional coaching is benefitting the large coaching companies, and the student-athletes never see anything tangible from it. That is what KickStart seeks to change. We sell a guarantee. KickStart can guarantee that athletic coaching leads to a scholarship for at least one of our clients while traditional coaching can not.

Why should you invest?

By investing in KickStart today, you are doing something that traditional athletic coaching can not. You are guaranteeing a scholarship for one or more of the student-athletes we serve.

What type of support are we looking for?

  1. Funding to support in advertising for our partners, growing our client-base, creating fundraising efforts, and day-to-day business expenses
  2. Donations for our scholarship fund
  3. Coaching partners across the nation who share our values
  4. Spreading the message that KickStart supports student-athletes in more than just athletics

Do we have any partners so far?

In the last 2 weeks, KickStart has partnered with 16 coaches across the country, is in the process of onboarding 30+ more, and has initiated conversations with over 1500 athletic coaches across the US.

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